Stig-Ove Sivertsen

Lagmannsgata 20

N-8657 Mosjøen


Tlf: 958 95 603


Epost: stig(a)


Unrest. I know a great deal about it. Or thought emptiness. I do not like the pure white paper. It makes me feel uneasy. Therefore I just start painting. I like it raw and far from picturesque. Everything dissolves and disappears eventually. Melancholic faces and still life. Rust. Pollution. Skulls. Stormy weather. Tired houses. Car wrecks. Landscapes, as they were created, without order. Often I get surprised. Actually always. Suddenly I see what I paint, even if it is just almost similar. Then I’m happy for a while. Until I meet the next white paper and feel turmoil again. Style? I do not know. What it is about? I can not say – because then everyoneknows. But I hope you can see that it is my paintings.



Stig-Ove Sivertsen lives and works in Mosjöen, in Northern Norway, and has over the years participated in many exhibitions in Norway and abroad.




Also experience and expertise as telecommunications engineer, from sales/marketing, advertising, newspaper production, graphic design, illustration.


Recent works can be seen in Gallery SOS in mosjøen.





Member of the artist group Hydopower togehther with Per Vikan and Morten W. Gjul


Responsible for Galleria Arts Festival since 2006.




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Upcoming exhibitions

4th - 11th juli, 2015 Galleria Arts Festival, Mosjøen 



Solo exhibitions

Permanent exhibition – Galleri SOS, Mosjøen

8 - 11 August 2013. Atelier Valva, Hemnesjazz. Hemnesberget

5 - 22 December 2012. Vefsn museum, Mosjøen

12 - 22 August 2010 Main artist på Hemnesjazz. Galleri Mileperlen på Hemnseberget

Høsten 2004, The Swedish Loft, Mosjøen. 

Juli 2004, The Swedish Loft, Mosjøen.


Participation at juried exhibitions: 

The 66th Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition 2012. "Under the bridge".

October 2009 - March 2010. Nordic Watercolour Society, aniversary exhibition online. 2 watercolors.

August – November 2009. Mid-Nordic Art Festival, juried works, Stiklestad. 2 watercolors: Beach and Barren

August – October 2008. Mid-Nordic Art Festival, juried works, Stiklestad.



Group Exhibitions

  • 9. - 17. august 2014. The Arts Factory in Heggedal. Asker
  • 5. - 13. juli 2014, Galleria Arts Festival, Mosjøen
  • 24. - 27. april. Art Monaco 2014. Monaco
  • 4. - 6. april 2014. Artexpo 2014. New York City
  • 8 - 16 February, 2014. Vilhelmina Art Society, Sweden
  • December 2013 Rana Art Society
  • 21. sept - 6.okt 2013 Galleri Akvarellen. Bærum
  • Juli 2013. Galleria Arts Festival
  • July 2012. Galleria Arts Festival
  • April 2012, 11th International Biennial Of Miniature Art, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.
  • July 2011. Galleria Arts Festival
  • July 2010. Galleria Arts Festival
  • February - mai 2010. "Art in the Barn". Gulburet, Inderøy
  • September 2009 - 2010. Mosjøen og omegn næringsselskap
  • July 2009. Galleria Arts Festival
  • June 2009. Mid-Nordic Art Festival, Inderøy.
  • April 2009, International watercolour festival, Bellagio, Italia
  • March – April 2009, The South - North Exchange, Melbourne, Australia
  • March – May 2009, "Waterproof", Galleri Fenka, Levanger
  • December 2008 – March 2009, Sentrum næringshage, Mosjøen
  • December 2008 – January 2009, Sentrum næringshage, Sandnessjøen
  • September 2008, Helgeland Food Festival, Mosjøen
  • July 2008. Galleria Arts Festival
  • Juni 2008. Mid-Nordic Art Festival, Inderøy.
  • Mars - april 2008,The artist group Hydropower, Inderøy House of Culture
  • Desember 2007. Kunstnergruppen Vannkraft. Salgsutstilling, akvarell. Galleria kunsthus
  • September 2007,Helgeland Food Festival, Mosjøen
  • August 2007. Watercoloer 2007 -"Creating Desire!" Bogstad Farm, Oslo.
  • August 2007. Galleria Arts Festival, Mosjøen
  • April 2007, The artist group Hydropower, Inderøy House of Culture
  • December 2006, Vefsn Museum i Mosjøen.
  • July 2006. The artist group Hydropower. Dønna.
  • Juni 2006. Galleria Arts Festival, Mosjøen. 
  • April 2006. The artist group Hydropower. Inderøy House of Culture.
  • Desember 2005. ”Art in Sjøgata", Vefsn Museum i Mosjøen.



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